Potential speed up for slower machines

Noticed there’s a git hook for integrating the core aspect of git with watchman, to help git see new/modified files faster. In your local codebase, just cat .git/hooks/fsmonitor-watchman.sample and you’ll see this:

# An example hook script to integrate Watchman
# (https://facebook.github.io/watchman/) with git to speed up detecting
# new and modified files.
# The hook is passed a version (currently 1) and a time in nanoseconds
# formatted as a string and outputs to stdout all files that have been
# modified since the given time. Paths must be relative to the root of
# the working tree and separated by a single NUL.
# To enable this hook, rename this file to "query-watchman" and set
# 'git config core.fsmonitor .git/hooks/query-watchman'

I’m not working with ember anymore so don’t have a chance to play with this