Problem with Internet Explorer not showing changes to model unless page is refreshed

I have a problem with Internet Explorer not showing changes unless I hit F5 (refresh).


I have a page with a link that opens a modal window (where I do my editing). This works fine. I can make my changes and click my ‘OK’ button, which closes my modal window. The calling page does not show the changes unless I hit F5. It works perfectly in Chrome and Firefox.

Using Chrome and Fiddler, I can see that a GET is called right after my PUT (clicking the ‘OK’ button). In Internet Explorer, I don’t see the GET after the PUT.

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What version of Internet explorer?

I am using Version 11.

I just notice that IE will perform the GET after the PUT but only if I have the developer tools open.

Well…my app appears to work fine once it has been built and deployed. If I run ‘ember server’ on my local box, Internet Explorer still doesn’t show the update until the page refreshes.

Have you figured out a solution to this problem? Running into the same issue with the Ember application I’m working on, and am completely stuck.

I believe it was a ‘console.log’ I had in my code. Once I removed it, it worked fine.