Proposal to update this forum’s logo

I was wondering if it’s time to update this site’s “theme” to bring it more in line with the rest of the ember’s web presence. I threw together a couple ideas for the header logo and attached it below. The left column assumes the continued use of white background, the right has the header as orange.

I haven’t addressed the small logo version displayed when the users scrolls.

I’m keeping with the Roboto font that is used elsewhere for the title. I had to fight the desire to just blatantly copy Ghost’s forum style. I think theirs is just beautiful:

What do you think?

Update: polls!

Background color:

  • White background, orange text
  • Orange background, white text

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  • 1a
  • 1b
  • 2a
  • 2b

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I should also add that these are just ideas to get the conversation going, if there is even a conversation to be had. I’m happy to play any role here that will be helpful.

Paging @wifelette @melsumner

Per @melsumner (from slack), I’ve update the logo to 1. include the trademark and 2. pass a AA large text contrast accessibility test for both versions.

The master logo’s eps file didn’t have a version of the ember “e” I see used in the favicon. I made tried to put one together that came close to matching the termination style I see used in at in the R.



I think this is a great idea, I’ve also started building a theme for the site that better matches

It’s not quite ready (hoping to have it done towards the end of this week), but you can preview it by opening this link in a new tab/window Ember.JS (and just refresh the page to go back to default)

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Are you looking for some feedback/help, @awesomerobot?

I can provide the above logo’s in whatever format is most helpful.

Looking really great @awesomerobot!

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@awesomerobot Could I propose keeping the background color as white? The contrast isn’t quite large enough when reading a post.