[Propose][Documentation] write more info about "Addon"


write more info about “Addon” in Ember documentation


  • Get started
    (where to find all available Addon? https://emberobserver.com/
    Popular Addon (maybe list 20 of them))
  • Managing Dependencies
  • How to write a Addon

I am just a newbie
now sure if these suggestion is helpful or just annoying
write me a comment let me know haha!

:wave: Thanks for taking the time to propose this. The guides page links to ember observer and does provide an intro on managing dependencies. If there’s any specific aspect of managing dependencies you wish was covered there, do let us know.

On providing info on “how to write an addon”, its available in http://ember-cli.com/extending/#developing-addons-and-blueprints.

This link is also used on that guides page but not in this context. It might be worth having a line that explicitly mentions this. Please feel free to open a PR for it in https://github.com/emberjs/guides