Serving Ember application from FastAPI server

Any ideas on how an ember application could be served from a FastAPI (Python) server? There are some requirements:

  • No hash url’s are possible because I use keycloak as authentication server and it does not support hashes in the redirect_uri.
  • Server contains both client http://server:port/client and the REST API http://server:port/rest

I cannot find the correct FastAPI configuration to map the dynamic paths to the ember application.

I’m not familiar with FastAPI specifically but generally if I’m trying to find resources on something like that I will search “<name of server lib> spa” to find resources related specifically to single page applications. Typically no matter what framework you use for the frontend SPA (Angular, Ember, React, Vue, etc) you need to delegate all “sub-routes” of your frontend app back to the main index.html page.

So again not 100% if this is on the right track but something like this SO post may be helpful?