Can Ember be used for non-SPA?

Hey, I’m the lead for a group that has built an Angular 1.x application. It’s a pretty huge application and it’s non-SPA. We’re LAMP. I’ve been tasked with researching/prototyping the next version of the application and from what I’ve read and watched, Ember and Aurelia are sort of leading the pack as far as performance and support are concerned. We will not be moving to Angular 2. The “upgrade” path will basically be a rewrite and if we’re going to rewrite I’m going to pick another framework that’s easier to implement. I’ve tried Aurelia and I’m having a real hard time getting a simple http request to work.

Anyway, my question… Can Ember be used for a non-SPA? Everything I’ve seen so far points to no, but I thought I’d ask. If it can be used for a non-SPA, can you point me to a tutorial or something that would help me understand how this can be done?

While I don’t have any experience using Ember server side, you’ll want to look at Ember Fastboot. That’ll certainly be your jumping point. Just not sure if it handles form posts yet.

I wouldn’t be using Ember on the server. The current setup I have with Angular is I use it for templating/data binding and http requests. I use Laravel/PHP for authentication, page routing, and as an API to our data.

Something similar to this is really what I’m after. If Ember can do this (only data binding, templating and http), that’s great. If it’s required that I use Ember for routing and authentication built as a SPA, then I wouldn’t use Ember.

Hi @zhegwood, while Ember specializes in ambitious applications where it can take care of the whole flow, there are some solutions like ember-islands to achieve what you want. Having said that, you might feel like you’re going against the grain while developing the Ember parts of your application. Look into Vue.js as an alternative to Aurelia, it’s quite a nice and capable piece of software.