Should I use Ember for a website?

I’m building a site with a few complex pages that can really benefit from Ember. Then there are the few static pages like the about page and the home page that need to be SEO friendly. If I used Ember, then I’m not sure if search engines would find content from these pages since the content would be in hbs templates. I’m pretty new to Ember so I’m not sure if I am missing something and would really appreciate any advice. Thank you!

If you’re willing to live on the edge there is ember-cli-fastboot which provides server side rendering for your Ember app.


We just published a site like that. Normally we’d use something like Wordpress alone but this site had an audio player and a dynamic map which made it a good fit for Ember and WP-API.

I can recommend it. And Google has no problems indexing it. If we wanted to improve that, we could let our WP backend generate templates at the same routes as the Ember application. But no need yet.

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Have you used it? If so, how is it?

Thanks oskar, that is the reassurance I needed =)

I am using Ember and WordPress for one of my weekend project

For seo i am not using Fastboot but a proxy in which i am checking if visitor is a bot or not, if bot then i am showing a different version of the site.

PS: It is just a weekend project, there are bugs :smile:

…a few complex pages that can really benefit from Ember

Can you elaborate on the complexity? What does Ember provide that would make these pages less complex? I think if you answer these questions, it will help determine if Ember is appropriate.

Something I’ve used in the past that was very easy was this -

It works well, but beware your search engine results might be a little behind if you’re changing the site particularly frequently.