Single Page Website


Hello everybody,

Did a search here in the forum on the subject and found only one topic about but already very old.

I have done research to three days or so, trying to find how to make a “single page” website but have not found concrete information about it.

I want to do something in the style of the sites below …

Where there is no navigation pages but based on hash and scrollToHash.

But as each section would have your data and information I have tried to use the {{render}} however so I can not use the the model depending on the route file.

What would be the best way to do this in ember?

Sorry for the bad English.



Hi @alfv89,

Although the question is a bit broad, I feel like this would be a good use-case for liquid-fire and animated outlets. Maybe you could use the scroll position to trigger actions that would navigate forwards/backwards?


Hi @gregone,

Just using different views on the index route application. But thanks for the suggestion, it is being useful in another project.



@alfv89 maybe ember-waypoints could also be interesting for your use case. It was covered at a recent Ember NYC meetup: