[SOLVED]Using File-saver.js with Ember-cli


Hi, all! I would like to use FileSaver.js with my ember-cli project for saving Canvas to PNG.

I download Blob.js, canvas-toBlob.js and FileSaver.js then import it in Brocfile.js


In my controller I save canvas by this way:

$('.canvas')[0].toBlob (blob) =>
      saveAs blob, "#{fullName}_ID_Badge.png".underscore()

It’s fully working with Chrome and Firefox, but IE still not working. Always show:

SCRIPT5022: SecurityError

I have tried to import FileSaver like this:

app.import('vendor/FileSaver.min.js', {
      'file-saver': ['saveAs']

But when I tried in controller

`import saveAs from 'file-saver'`

they sad me “Module file-saver could not found”

Is there any solutions to save canvas in IE without server-side processing?

UPD. SOLVED: IE cannot save canvas if you draw SVG. It was not problem of Ember or FileSaver.js


This sounds more like an IE issue with file saver than an ember issue. Have you tried filing an issue on that project?


File-saver supports IE10+, but I think some of this libraries was imported wrong to my project. UPD. Demo working in IE http://eligrey.com/demos/FileSaver.js/