Still on Ember 1.12


Hi all,

I was glad to hear that in, a new patch release of Ember 1.12 that contained public alternatives to some private APIs might be released. While this is laudable, I am afraid it may not enough for our company.

I was asked by some people why I was still on Ember 1.12 at work, and what would help get us to 1.13. For our company, this has primarily been about:

  1. Ember Table is not yet compatible with 1.13, much less our fork of it.
  2. Lots of use of Ember List View (have to migrate to Ember Collections),
  3. Lots of view layer code accumulated
  4. Lots of array/item controllers
  5. Use of private APIs
  6. Upgrade fatigue

If anyone else is still on Ember 1.12 or lower, feel free to chime in on what it would take to get you guys to 1.13


My 2 cents:

  1. perhaps it is possible to switch to ? I have not used Ember Table so can’t compare them.
  2. changing array/item to just controllers and do nothing with components is not hard. It wil get you to 1.13 without much problems.
  3. is that a problem?