Strange bugs: TailwindCSS and EmberJS

I’m testing tailwind and ember for a musical website. I experience several bugs:

  • in dev server, all links start with a capital letter; on some links the capital letter disappears (live demo, artists). what a strange bug: I thought of correcting it by specifying “uppercase” on all links,
  • in production, the navbar doesn’t show correctly; it should be like the first template of the webpage (the free template, Hero Sections - Official Tailwind CSS UI Components),
  • the speed in production is not good. with Vue and Django, I get a lighthouse mobile speed score between 100 and 97. with EmberJS, I get a mobile speed of 70, and a desktop speed of 90 (PageSpeed Insights)

Any help deeply appreciated. I want to use EmberJS instead of Django or Vue but I’m a bit concerned with all the bugs I face.

Hi, @gitanes. For the first 2 items, if you can share the relevant code with us, I think it would help me and others help you find out what the problem may be. Can you let us know if this is possible?

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Please inspect this: it seems the part not working correctly is the navbar: I created a component and added it in application.hbs. plus it seems the problem with the links disappeared. I wonder if they will reappear.

why are there those differences between development and production?

It seems my post has been flagged but I’ll try to answer. you can inspect the code here: I guess it’s the application.hbs the problem (navbar, banner).

(Apologies, the spam filter caught the above two posts for some reason, I just released them manually.)

I want to deal with the speed issue. Have a look: why does start render start that late? I’m using netlify and didn’t have that kind of problems with vue and Django. Screenshot 2021 01 13 at 9 02 10 AM — Postimages the website is here:

PS: it seems I had a purge issue in my tailwind config file