Time Tested, Maintainable way of Handling Translations?

Hi, Long time since I posted. I plan to use Emberjs in my next project that should be multilingual. I have no problem translating things in the API but as the API should not bother with presentation of data I must do that in Emberjs. I cannot find good article/tutorial that explains ember-only-no-add-on way of doing it.

The reason for wanting Ember only way is maintainability of code in long run. I would like to avoid add-ons if that is ever possible with Ember or go with add-on that have strong contributor base and have withstand the test of time, for obvious reason.

TL;DR What is future-proof way of dealing with translating in ember.js?


Without a doubt, https://emberobserver.com/addons/ember-i18n is the de-facto standard for translation in Ember.

It was created in 2011(!) and continues to be maintained today and is up-to-date with all the latest and greatest in Ember. It’s about as safe of a choice as you can get with an add-on, I think.


Thanks a lot. I’ll take your word and use it in this project.

I’ve used ember-i18n for a few years and can confirm that its a great solution.

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