Tips to make make an addon demo site?

Hi, i’m working in a new ember addon but i wish to simplify the creation of the demo site. I wish to add some usage examples of my addon and some previews.

I think ember-cli-addon-docs is the way to go, but it seems to be WIP:

There is any alternative or some advice to make a demo site?


Use . See how to do it here:

Thanks @broerse, but i looking for something like helpers or building blocks to create the content of the demo site, like components for snippets and documentation. I don’t have any issues deploying the demo site, instead my issue is with the building blocks to create the demo site.

This is an example of what i found: but seems to be unavailable to install in this moment :frowning:

do you know some alternative? if you make an addon site do you will start it from scratch?

You can misuse the Dummy App and use that as demo like:

So I would always create a normal Ember App as demo and deploy that.