Tool for auto generating DS models from JSON (WIP)


Hi all, I’ve wrote this code gen tool that can take json and return DS model. It can be run locally by ember server. Also supports making model fragments from nested json to 1 level.

Give it this:

  "shouldBeNumber1": "1",
  "shouldBeString1": ".1",
  "shouldBeBoolean1": "false",
  "shouldBeFragment1": {
    "FshouldBeNumber1": "1",
    "FshouldBeString1": "bar",
    "FshouldBeBoolean1": "false"

get back this (you then copy into your files)

import DS from 'ember-data';

export default DS.Model.extend({
  shouldBeNumber1: DS.attr("number"),  
  shouldBeString1: DS.attr("string"),   
  shouldBeBoolean1: DS.attr("boolean"),  
  shouldBeFragment1: DS.hasOneFragment("shouldBeFragment1")  

export default DS.ModelFragment.extend({
  FshouldBeNumber1: DS.attr("number"),  
  FshouldBeString1: DS.attr("string"),   
  FshouldBeBoolean1: DS.attr("boolean")  

Will be adding to this add I find use cases.


It now supports generating typescript, es6 and bootstrap forms!