Interest in a Rails Engine that generates some of the remaining Ember boilerplate?


I want to gauge interest in a project I’m considering building. I’ve been calling it EDRA (Ember Data Rails Auto).

EDRA will generate some of the remaining boilerplate you need to write to get an Ember app working in Rails. It will likely build on what the current ember-rails engine is doing.

Generation will occur dynamically, as Ember does it, as opposed to one-time/scaffold style.

Short Term / Relatively Straightforward Goals:

  • Introspect your Rails models and generate Ember Data models, with appropriate attributes and relations
  • Generate appropriate router resources and routes for your models/routes, along with any controllers that Ember won’t generate automatically
  • Generate the basic setup boilerplate
  • Do whatever is required to make testing your Ember app as easy as possible.

Longer Term / Possible Pie in the Sky Goals:

  • Investigate possibility of sharing templates between Rails and Ember
  • Things the community seems to want

All feedback appreciated.


This sounds like a great idea!


Have you made any progress on this? I was thinking of something similar to this. Could be a cool project


I just started working on something similar although in C#. One idea / question for the Ember core folks ( @pwagenet, @tom etc) that is probably applicable to my project and this one.

I was planning to make the generator generate ALL possible code for the Ember side but comment out that code which is the same as what Ember’s in memory version would use. That way if I or someone on my team needs to override the in memory version of a view or controller etc we simple find the file and uncomment the code and make our changes / tweaks as needed.

Does that make sense to anyone?


I created similar projects already. Take a look at ember-big_project and ember-konacha-rails :slight_smile:

Together, these contain a set of generators for setting up your Ember project including a full test environment for konacha with sinon.

I tend to always end up building more developer tools than actual end-user implementations… hmm. PS: You are most welcome to join forces and come with suggestions etc.


Checking out your projects today, would love to collaborate.


Check out Matt Rogish’s work also:


Nice! I will check it out this weekend! Thanks!


I’m a bit late to this thread, but I have started working on such an engine for generating the API here:

It’s not much, but it does support bulk commit and prevents me from writing a bunch of controller boilerplate