Version control with shelljs for ember

Hi Friend,

I am new to ember and I have just started it learning a week earlier. I have been asked to learn and start working on new application using ember and addons created by previous team.

The addons created by previous team however has an interesting setup. The team has created a common-scripts folder and created a dependency file in it which lists out various version number as displayed below

async : 1.1.0 blanket : 1.1.5 body-parser : 1.12.4 bootstrap : 3.3.4 bootstrap-material-design : 0.3.0 broccoli-asset-rev : 2.2.0 broccoli-funnel : 0.2.8 broccoli-jscs : 0.0.22 broccoli-merge-trees : 0.2.3 connect-restreamer : 1.0.2

The script reads this file and replaces the correct version in package.json from this file.also to note that they are using node 0.12

Now when i started learning ember I created my app using latest node v 4.2.4.

There are few questions in my mind regarding this setup.

  1. Is creating a script and a file to maintain version controls across projects is a correct way of doing ember project?

  2. What are the pros and cons of using such approach?

  3. I want to use there addon with my ember app created by version 4.2.4 but I am unable to do so because of errors I get due to different version.

Can you please help me in understanding how ember handles version and steps to upgrade the ember application from previous version to new.

Thanks Kunal Sharma +65 98211137

You can try to move to ember-cli 1.13.15 (npm install -g ember-cli@1.13.15) and port the existing addons to this version. If that works move to ember-cli 2.4.2 or above. If you just started learning ember it will take you some time to do/learn this.

Hi This does answer my question on how to upgrade but does not answer my question whether this is correct design or not.