What is the future for the emberjs-addons organization?



I am the principal maintainer of ember-bootstrap.
We’ve been under the emberjs-addons for about a year now.

Today, ember-bootstrap seems to be the only active repository there.
Is there any plan on doing something with this organization? Should we just kill it and more ember-bootstrap somewhere else?


Hello, where can I find a build version of the ember-bootstrap ? I have no experience with running Rake on Windows environment and I am thus not able to try this …

Are there any future functionalities planned (tabs, button groups, etc.) or is there a support planned for version 3.0 of Bootstrap ?

It surprises me that Bootstrap seems not to be used a lot in combination with Ember … Any idea why this is ?



This is actually not the best place for discussion around the ember bootstrap library in itself. But you can find releases here: https://github.com/emberjs-addons/ember-bootstrap/releases

As to bootstrap 3, parts have already been ported. The support is planned for the next release.