When will routable components land?

You can add a simple controller that defines the query params. Query params are the one feature that still requires a controller. I’ve updated the README in the repository.

Currently i moved all my controlller property to the route in setupController and all the action in controller is done by route-action helper. But it still going weird cause ember computed property is doesnt work :frowning:

It’s been a while since last update on this. It would be good to know in which direction Ember is evolving, is this feature left aside?

Yehuda recently closed the original RFC with a big explanation that’s probably way better than any paraphrase I could provide: https://github.com/emberjs/rfcs/pull/38#issuecomment-355800759

So… they won’t necessarily exist in the originally conceived way but a lot of similar features are planned/in the works

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@dknutsen Good to know, thank you!