Where should we list shared talks and resources available for reuse?

It would be good if we had a easy to browse/consume list of resources available for anyone who wishes to give an Ember related talk or conference proposal. These could include slides, images, animations, videos.

What should we use to catalog these resources? A github repo?

Where should we store the actual resources? As Github has a 1GB limit for repos, we should probably use dropbox or drive to store copies of the resources.

Maybe we can make this part of the website (and store larger presentations in S3 or similar)?

I’m sure @locks has thoughts here…

Matt (McManus) asked me on Slack to share my “Why Ember?” talk here, in the Presentations category. I’m not sure if that’s the best thread, but here it goes:

I gave this talk in January 2017 but most (all?) of my points are still totally relevant.

Let me know if I should post it somewhere else, or if you need the original (Keynote) presentation.