Why does `ember install` use commit id instead of tag version while using private git?

We have private addons in our private git repo. While our development teams use these addons they install our addons such as:

ember install git+ssh://git@my-server/my-private-addon.git#0.8.2

But after this command runs, package.json is updated and the following line is added to the devDependencies:


Is there any option to write the tag version instead of commit id?

The problems with this approach are:

  1. Someone cannot easily see what version is using
  2. Worst: When a developer upgrades the dependency and commits the package.json, ember s command run by the developers who pull the new package.json from git, isn’t aware of the upgraded version. So ember s doesn’t force the developers to run an npm install. So that, they were still using older version of the addon.

Note: I’m using ember 2.3.0

After jump in to the codes, saw no matter with the latest ember cli. Tested with 2.11.1. The problem is our cli version is 2.3.0.