Will Ember Inspector work on localhost?

I see this reason for “Ember application not detected!”:

“* You are using the file:// protocol (instead of http://)”

Does that apply to localhost:// as well?

It always works for me when served on localhost

For local development, you should use the command ember serve from the Ember CLI tool. By default, that will host your application at http://localhost:4200 and automatically refresh the app when you make changes to your code. The Ember Inspector always works for me when I use the ember server.

Thanks Dan and Andrew.

I use ember serve from the cli, but Ember Inspector never works for me on localhost. Not on Ember 5 nor on an old app that I inherited and have hosted for several years. It works only on the deployed app page.

I’m confused. Where were you seeing this error you reported in your original post?

You are using the file:// protocol (instead of http://)

Thanks, I just checked and Ember Inspector is working on localhost on the app I’m building. Before I was getting “Ember application not detected!”. (The “file protocol” error I wrote about was one I found online, not one I experienced)

I didn’t do anything special for it to be working now, so I don’t know what issue I had.

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