Windows 8.1 and Ember

Is Ember only for Linux? I can find nothing on the web for downloading and installing Ember on my Win 8.1 64 bit computer. Nothing on building a first app with Win and Ember either. Thanks Paul

You follow very similar steps to get Ember to work on Windows as you do on Linux/OSX. You will need to install node.js and npm, at which point you’ll be able to follow along with the instructions you find on the ember home page (e.g. npm install ember-cli) etc…

If you haven’t tried chocolately ( I recommend it for getting applications like node/npm installed on your machine.

But why do windows users have to use those arcane,“packages” and dependencies? It’s what makes Linux so difficult to learn and use and mistakes are always cropping up like missing dependencies and pacxkages. I know i used to have to perform search after search trying to resolve those issues. Ember is not for me then. I will NOT go back to Linux

Linux users also need to “learn” to install node.js and npm. That said, the difficulty curve of getting to grips with Ember is much higher than installing node.js

alternatively you can just go to the node website and download the msi (Index of /download/). that will install npm for you and you can follow the instructions on the ember-cli website. it’s also quite likely that if you install something like webstorm or any other front end focused IDE it’ll install the tool chain for you.

ember-cli works linux/winows/OS X Although the windows experience does still require some commandline knowledge. I am eager to continue to improve this, but it really is a time thing.

That being said, could you describe your typical windows setup? What editor/IDE, what tools. This will help me ensure as we improve that experience that your constraints are met.

Hi Stefan. I am running Win 8.1 64bit with 8GB of Ram at 3.x GH I have had some success recently, installing CakePHP, Symfony, and Codeigniter frameworks using Win CLI. The reason I have so many is that I haven’t decided the direction I should go. My site server is on Linux and my developing server is XAMPP Thanks, Paul

Just wanted to let u know that I downloaded Chocola or whatever and evevything now seems ok. I’ve just got to do a baic app in ember to if everything is working!

Do you need to load nodejs and npm on c root or does it matter? What about the ember cli, where do you load.

I cannot get my localhost:4200 to work or api. Can someone help please.


I have my NodeJS installed at C:\Apps\NodeJS and my project files are at D:\Projects\HTML[Project Name]\Code. I followed the install instructions found here, Installing Ember - Getting Started - Ember Guides with one exception. You have to install git first from this post where I documented the order: Ember CLI - the Ramcat way - #31 by Ramcat

Last trick I might mention (and is in the Guides) is that you have to launch the server from the directory below where you created the project. In other words, create the project “ember new app-name” via the command line (and from the folder above where you want the project created), then "cd app-name’, then run “ember server”.

Thanks. Will try again with this info.