Alternative of Alpaca in Ember latest version?

Hi all,

I’m going to research to find the alternative of Alpaca in Ember 5.4 LTS version

  • Node v20.x
  • Ember 5.4
  • jQuery 3.7.1
  • Bootstrap 4.6.2
  • Alternative of Alpaca

Could you please share your idea about the alternative of Alpaca in Ember latest version?

The closest things I can think of offhand would be:

and there’s also ember-bootstrap

None of those feel directly directly analogous

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Thank you for your response!

@dknutsen : What’s about the idea in ember way: generate dynamic forms from JSON Schema

@manhng83 I think you could write some components in Ember that take in an Alpaca specification as an argument, iterates over the list of fields and outputs the form and fields with Ember event handling on the form fields.

Unfortunately I haven’t seen a modern addon that does that, but I was able to find a very outdated addon that wraps the jQuery Alpaca plugin: GitHub - toddjordan/ember-cli-dynamic-forms: An Ember addon for creating dynamic forms. I wouldn’t use it since it’s on Ember 2.x, but it’s possible it could provide some inspiration for accomplishing what you’re hoping for.

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@ascudder : thank you so much!