App blank all of a sudden?

Weird issue, but I can’t seem to figure it out.

I updated Node to v12, and also updated broccoli-sass to most current. Using ember-cli-foundation-sass which it looks like was updated for recent version of ember-cli. This was working before I updated node.

Now when I ember server the screen is blank. Inspecting for Elements just shows:

 <div id="ember372" class="ember-view">
 <app-header></app-header>  (...this is my header .hbs)

So, nothing that is in handlebars is rendering. Any thoughts on where I should look?

Two things I would check:

  1. Output of ember-cli - any warnings or exceptions would print in the console
  2. Console tab of your browser’s developer tools

node 0.12.0 broke broccoli-sass ^0.3.3, so make sure you are on ^0.4.0 otherwise it will throw errors. You would see the error in the ember-cli output when running ember s if this is the case.

broccoli-sass is ^0.4.0 I’m using ember-cli-foundation-sass and ember-cli-sass (it’s a dep). No issues related to my problem on github that I’ve seen.

No errors in ember-cli or in ember inspector / console.log.

node-sass is updated, followed the instructions for the foundation-sass and cli-sass projects from github.

No changes were made other than updating NPM, updating ember-cli to latest, updating ember-data to latest (don’t see how that would make a difference).

I guess I’ll have to take everything out one at a time to see what might be causing the problem.

Same problem here. i had my Ember-App running, then i installed this, and now all pages are blank. No Log found in console