Apple and Ember

Maybe I’m late to the party, but I was surprised to see Apple using Ember for their new website. Is this a new trend or have they been using Ember for a while? I know they have a history with Sprout Core.

Apple Watch User Guide



Not sure if it’s a trend or “the first win in the war with google-angular”. For me it seems like one of their developers decided to give a try to a new framework for a task to make a quick dead-simple website. It’s not their main business (I mean such mini-sites) so my guess it doesn’t mean that they will use it for everything for now nor anything else.

I heard from someone a two or three years ago who worked at Apple that they were using Ember for some internal apps. I wouldn’t be surprised if they start using it for more projects.

I had this tweet a year ago about help site of Pages… Looks, Apple loves EmberJS. :slight_smile: Because it is great! :smiley:

Help site of Pages on is an EmberJS app. Cool. :) #emberjs #js #ember

— Zoltan Debre (@szines) May 22, 2014

I would like to learn how to build a basic website like the Apple Watch User Guide. Does anyone know of a tutorial that will get me started in the that direction?

Two or three years ago ~2012 would likely have been Sproutcore inertia. Sproutcore was Apple-internal for quite a while - IIRC Charles Jolley and Tom Dale were Apple employees? - and even in the Strobe days the Sproutcore community had an interesting dynamic with Apple essentially maintaining a closed internal fork which would occasionally spew out changes into the public fork. (Again, my memory as an outsider - people who were closer to it probably had a better view.)

Ember’s roots are definitely in Sproutcore - what became Ember was originally planned as Sproutcore 2.0 - but it was a wholesale rewrite from the beginning. I would expect Apple to lean towards Ember for that reason (it would’ve been relatively simple for apps which started in Sproutcore to port into Ember, especially back in the 0.x days) but they probably have other reasons as well.