Apple Music Beta is an Ember app!

It’s good to see high profile examples of Ember


Oh hell yes! Makes sense that Apple would not want to use a codebase that comes out of Facebook. If this makes it out of beta it could be huge for Ember!!

Another fun fact for those unfamiliar with the history: if you peek deep underground at the roots of Ember they reach back to Apple. Apple had a framework called SproutCore which Tom and Yehuda started developing into SproutCore 2.0 which became Amber.js which became Ember.js. See Yehuda’s original blog post here.




Yup yup. Apple has been involved from before the beginning, and have been Ember users pretty continuously. They’re just so secretive we don’t always hear from them.


I hope they also make a ! :slight_smile:

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Already exists!


Ember is a great choice for media websites. :wink: The main television site in New Zealand:

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What a relief to see an other big name relying on Ember!

I think the framework has never been on a better spot: coherence and modern patterns with Octane, less hysterical public opinions on the other JS frameworks (less overrated hype), big names and a strong community behind a real OSS code base, long history and plateau of productivity…

It seems that the strategy of the Steering community is really paying off!

Thanks for this nice framework, community and ecosystem. :heart:

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I didn’t know! This is gonna open up a lot of conversations for me. :raised_hands:

Ember 2.18.0

Their deprecation warnings must be out of control.