At what point does Ember learning material become to old to use?

I’ve been wanting to sign up for emberschool but I notice that for $500 they will teach you ember 2.6 when right now we’re almost at 2.18 and 3.0 is coming out next month(?). The founder of Emberschool told me that there’s little difference between 2.6 and 2.17 - is this true? Because there seem to be some quality books to learn ember from around 2015 (when Ember was considered a P.Y.T.) but nothing much since then except for Rock n Roll with Ember. But is the material from 2015 too old to rely on for learning Ember?

Anything not 1.x is fine. 3.0 won’t have the same seismic shift as 1.x->2.x did.

Any thoughts on what a beginner should look out for if following an ember tutorial for version 2.1? If 2.0 and 2.17 are basically the same thing, what are the main tchanges that warrant 16 consecutive version releases?

Perhaps nothing at all. They release on a regimented schedule, not necessarily based on new additions.

There haven’t been that many changes to Ember’s api since Ember 2.0 from a user perspective. There’s been a lot of engineering work going on under the hood though, which has made Ember smaller and lighter. As Chris mentioned, it’s the 6 week release cycle that has lead to the steady march of new versions …

But yes, you should be fine doing the EmberSchools tutorials.

Thanks a lot for your answers to this topic and two other ones I posted! I’ve completed the first part of EmberSchool and indeed, I’ve been able to follow along fine. (I’m the topic originator, I just changed my name and aded a photo since then).

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