Big things are happening here at Yahoo

We want Front-end engineers who are excited about the bleeding edge of web application development.

###You’re awesome because:

  1. Someone in your life is jealous because you love JavaScript maybe too much
  2. You want to build single page applications with Ember
  3. Imperfectly written code keeps you from sleeping at night
  4. Canary isn’t a bird to you; it’s a playground of wonderful new toys
  5. You could develop back-end stuff, but your keen understanding of user interaction is what sets you apart from the crowd
  6. You’re badass when working alone, but unstoppable when working with a team that’s firing on all cylinders
  7. You like working with a functional style because forget verbosity

###We’re awesome because:

  1. We have other UI leaders just like yourself
  2. We have the camaraderie of a startup, with all the nice perks of a big company
  3. The projects you’ll work on are incredibly ambitious, highly visible, full of big data, and directly impacting the success of Yahoo.
  4. We have disowned Internet Explorer’s first 8 children