Chrome Ember extension broken (Nov 18)

As of this morning Nov 18,

The chrome Ember extension shows a completely white frame.

Looking at the debug frame for the extension itself, I see a Failed to load resource: net::ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND chrome-extension://bmdblncegkenkacieihfhpjfppoconhi/assets/chunk.143.2d97860a6e5f313b08e6.js

then Uncaught Error: Could not find module element-resize-detector imported from ember-inspector/modifiers/did-resize at vendor.js:364

Any idea on how to fix that ?

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There seems to have been a release 11h ago, that failed

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The Ember Inspector shows a white frame for me after the Nov 17 update also.

I rolled it back by checking out 4.5.1

git clone

git fetch --all --tags

git checkout tags/v4.5.1 -b 4.5.1

yarn install
yarn build

Then followed the instructions on the repo to install the extension.

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I made to help track releases with ember-inspector.

If anyone knows of a public API for getting chrome extension version information, that’d be super helpful – I couldn’t find one without running in to CORS issues, and I don’t want to set up a backend for this to get around CORS.

as of right now, the last release took a little over an hour from github publish to being accepted on the FireFox addon place: image

Also included are instructions for how to revert to any version, thanks @levimoore !!! <3 image

Github is here: GitHub - NullVoxPopuli/ember-inspector-status

PRs always welcome <3

Maybe we can get this on the Ember guides in the ember-inspector area as well :partying_face:

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