CI Configuration on new apps

I used the quick start tutorial create the ember quick start app. I decided to upload the app on the GitHub just for future reference. Today I received GitHub notification about failed CI workflow.

CI: All jobs have failed

This means GitHub actions tried to run tests. I’ve configured any GitHub actions or Pipelines.

Does it mean a new ember app has some CI configuration by default?

Yes. The blueprint for Ember apps and addons has always included a basic CI file . It used to be Travis but recently switched to Github actions. If you don’t want CI you can always just delete the workflow file/dir.


One of Ember’s core philosophy ideas is “batteries included”. This can seem heavy handed if you’re used to the opposite approach, but I think in general it really helps speed development along and in cases like this it’s easier to delete an unwanted file than to start from scratch with a desired one. Of course YMMV.