How do you remmend to start a new app to a new comer?

Hello! I’m starting to use ember! Very exited about it. I am a litle confused though, despite having seen all the talks I found, and read a lot of docs still do not see what is the best way to start an app. I played with ember cli and with the startser kit, I really liked ember cli, but when i make an ember build the proccess ends wuithout errors but when the dist folder is rendered the libreries are not included, am I missing something? Also, the guides in embers site seems very diferents to the way things get done in ember cli, are there any new docs about how things are done now with html bars, es6, etc? what do you recomend to someone that’s starting? Sorry about the writing but me English is very limited!

You should use ember-cli if you’re working on a real app, and even for a sample one, because it offers you far more structure, the setup is easier, and you don’t have to write any handlebar script tags.

When you run ember build --production environment, your vendor assets should all be in vendor.js. All of the ember guides are still valid, save for differences in tooling.

The new docs are at

ulises, thanks for your response, I did a fresh ember new project, then ember build --production environment and all went just fine, the problem was that I was going with the browser to localhost://myapp/dist, but ember was looking for the assets in localhost/assets/*, so I tried with http-server instead of apache and tell him to start in the dist folder, and that workd perfectly!! Thanks a lot for pointing me in the right direction!! see you here

Hi jpsala! Ember-cli comes with an express server that can server your app for development. If instead of ember build you use ember server it will serve your app at http://localhost:4200.

Additionally, keep in mind that your builds assume they’re running in the web root by default. You can set a different root directory by changing the ENV.baseURL property in config/environment.js.

Excelent information, I’m LOVING ember! thanks a lot