Couldn't find preset "env" relative to directory

Hello emberistas! I’m trying to convert our in-repo-addons to use yarn workspaces instead. I thought it would be super easy (from this post) but after adding the package.json file at root & running yarn install, trying to serve either of our apps (ember serve) produces an error like this:

Build Error (Rollup)

Couldn't find preset "env" relative to directory "/var/folders/lk/m5q601s139v88g4t2cdnwll40000gn/T/broccoli-86498V24MYjUD3oa4/cache-138-rollup/build/src"

Surprisingly, after much googling I still haven’t found any information (that I could figure out how might apply to an ember project) related to this error.

We’ve recently upgraded to Ember-CLI 3.5.0 & we do use ember-auto-import & ember-cli-babel. No idea if these are related. This is well outside my wheelhouse.

This is fixed in the latest of ember-fetch:


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OMG THANK YOU @jasonmit :pray:

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