Couldn't find preset "es2015"

Hi, I’m getting the following error when I try to do a build or start my server and can’t figure out hat’s going on:

File: modules/ember-inflector/index.js
The Broccoli Plugin: [broccoli-persistent-filter:Babel] failed with:
Error: Couldn't find preset "es2015" relative to directory "/Users/alanna"

I have a .babelrc file at /Users/alanna with this in it: { “presets”: [“es2015”] } But it looks like it’s not being found. I’m an ember newbie. I’ve tried a git refresh, I’ve tried updating all my dependencies, I’e got several different projects installed on my machine so I’m assuming when I installed another project, it must have broken my ember environment. I checked and I have no other processes running. Any guesses?

This is the project:

I don’t get this error and can do “ember s” after this fix I don’t have a .babelrc and I removed the dist folder from git.

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Thank you so much for looking at this. I deleted the .babelrc in my home directory and it’s working again. Maybe I accidentally installed babel-presets-es2015 globally at some point and didn’t properly uninstall it afterwards. Now I know all about babel’s lookup behavior.

Thanks again!

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