Defining different folder name for ember-cli

Is it possible to define a different name for the ‘public’ folder? We are using ember-cli inside an electron (atom-shell) app. In this context the name ‘public’ is confusing. I’m just checking if there is a way in the EmberApp to simply set this or is it burned in ember-cli…

Is the ember app an app within electron or is electron just a wrapper for the ember app?

Not sure I understand the difference. I would say “within”. I have a electron app that contains the ember-cli app inside. The electron code is under the ‘public’ folder and the ember code is under the ‘app’ folder. Ember build into the ‘dist’ folder merging the public and the app folder. Then I build the electron package and deployment out of ‘dist’ folder. Not sure if this answer your question…

@ffaubry join the #ember-mobile channel on slack (yes I know it’s not technically mobile but it’s the same approach).

The difference is that you might have an electron app that does a lot of things and happens to have an ember app embedded, or you might have an ember app that you are wrapping with electron for producing a build that will work on a specific target.

If the latter, you should instead put an electron folder within your ember app.

@jthoburn Thanks for the slack channel… Did not know that ember had a slack group… I sent my request. I’'m interested to understand your second approach to nest the electron folder under the app folder. I thought that the app folder was ember-cli only. Things transpiled and place inside the xxx.js file. I’m not sure how node files (even if written in ES6) get merged inside the xxx.js would work. Do you have an example of what you are talking about, even if it’s not electron but mobile.

Yes, I use nw.js cordova with this pattern,working on potentially expanding to CEF and electron apps with it as well. If you ping me on the slack (@runspired) I’ll give you a short tour.

@jthoburn, @ffaubry, I would be interested in “the tour” mentioned in the last post here. Unfortunately the ember slack channel only has a very short backlog of messages and whatever you guys might have discussed is no longer available.