Deprecation App Update

This is reposted from a Post in the Ember Learning team slack on 15th Feburary where it seems to have gotten a bit lost :confounded: (sorry). I think we were still trying to figure out how to have these sorts of discussions at the time.

Hi folks :wave:

Myself and @serenaf want to give you all a bit of an update on the navbar work on the Deprecations app. A lot was going yesterday on lots of different channels & calls, so I think we all should sync and get back on the same page.

One thing to note: none of what is currently “in progress” is definitely how we will ultimately do this. We will be bringing this whole situation to the learning-team meeting later today to be discussed fully. We apologise if we have upset or stressed anyone by the way events unfolded yesterday, that was absolutely not our intention :disappointed: .

A bit of background: to “solve” the navbar issue we really only had 3 options

  • not solving it :joy: but seriously, the “null hypothesis” was to just leave it as it was. This was less of an option because of the fact that the deprecations app was a subroute of the main website
  • Implement a non-boostrap alternative for the new navbar, so that we could quickly release the deprecations app.
  • Copy the bootstrap implementation from the website

Our attempts to implement the second alternative above were a complete failure :disappointed: here is a video of me trying to navigate that version with the keyboard: Screen Recording 2018-02-14... the PR is here: and you can see the netlify deployment here

So this really just left us with re-implementing the boostrap version. There were 2 alternatives here

  • do all the work ourselves from scratch in the deprecations app
  • use the styleguides work (potentially before it’s ready)

As an experiment, I depended on Rober Wagner’s PR to the styleguide to see what it would look like. His PR here: and the Experimental PR on deprecations-app

At this point, I was 100% expecting that PR to be a really long-lived experimental PR that we could discuss over the next few weeks. As it turns out Robert “pulled a blinder” (as we say in Ireland - it means did a lot of awesome work) and you can see the discussion happening on that PR. We also had a call to get into the details of how we thought it should work.

At this point, we have a working styleguide-based navbar on our staging environment: Due to the difficulty that we would have faced implementing the bootstrap implementation directly this late in the game, I would like to propose that we use the styleguide version for now, even though it’s not quite ready. From a logistical perspective, I think we should fix it to a particular SHA that we are happy with so that we don’t have drift of the implementation. Then when it lands in styleguide we can upgrade to master :+1:

Both myself and @serena will be at the meeting tonight so we can discuss it more. We both felt like it was better to give you an update sooner rather than later so that we could clear the air a little bit :heart:

Thank you for the update (and all the hard work the learning team is putting into this)!