Django development, what we need?

I’ve decided to start issue tracker on github to list all gotchas and differences between Ember.js defaults and conventions vs. Django ones I have encountered so far as well as solutions and fixes for those:

I currently have file on two things here: trailing slashes and using django i18n in handlebars, but I will also add something about setting security policies within Ember & Django for communicating with each other in dev, and example for initializing Ember.js with data from Django.

I invite all Django dev’s to share their “AHA!” moments wisdom as well as devs working on apps and addons to check “needs app” and “needs addon” labels to see if they can donate libraries solving those issues.

And I’ve just released my toolkit for using Django translations in Ember.js apps. It consists of two components:

Ember.js addon that explains how to enable JS catalog in your project and provides four gettext helpers for use in templates:

Python library that provides custom makemessages command that extracts js language strings extraction with support for hbs templates.

I’ll be grateful for all suggestions and eventual pull requests.