Does FastBoot "capture" and replay events while Ember boots up?

We’re playing around with a FastBoot-rendered page and noticed that our links & button clicks seem to work, even if we click before the Ember app has initialized & rehydrated the page.

Is this out-of-the-box behavior that comes with FastBoot?

(Also – is it FastBoot or Fastboot?)

No, we do not do any event queueing at the moment.

Turns out that the browser knows what to do when you click links :smiling_imp:


Does the browser know what to do when I click

<button {{action (toggle isShowingMenu 'this')}}>


No, element modifiers are not rendered when not using FastBoot, so that button is non-interactive until the JS is loaded.

You seem to be correct. Strangely I was testing it and it seemed to be working, but when I throttled the network I could tell the element wasn’t interactive.