Ember 1.10 release?

I was wondering about what is going on with the latest ember release cycle? Looking at Releases - Ember.js we should have had a release last friday. I could not find any information about the delay. Just curious about the HTMLBars release :wink:



anxiously awaiting to learn/update/practice w/ HTMLbars ‘canary’ free


I was at the SV Ember meet up today. Eric Bryn said it’s probably going to be released in the next few days.

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Okay, thanks for the update!

Here’s the full talk.


Uhhh…I just had my 1.9.1 app totally blow up approximately at the same time 1.10 was released. :frowning: Old working commits now give JS errors deep in the app in the base Handlebars stuff. Pretty certain this is directly related to the release - I use the ember-source gem to provide the base ember JS, so I assume something in there swapped out from under me.

The only notable thing about the app is that is uses Emblem.

Upon some further investigation, it seems the update broke previously working 1.9.x Emblem apps somehow. It looks like 1.9.x now uses Handlebars 2.0 - was that the case before this update?

1.9.x uses Handlebars 2.0

Release notes: Ember.js 1.9.0 and 1.10 Beta Released