Ember.js Developer

Seeking a consultant with experience using Ember to help upgrade and enhance an existing JavaScript software application for online teaching, learning services, and communities that support collaborative review and valuing of student thinking, supported by research grant funding. The position will last for a few months.


       • Assist in updating an ember.js application to a current version.

       • Iteratively create or update user interfaces with the technical team and education staff.

       • Document new and changed software using well-placed comments and guides.

       • Keep up with latest trends in software development, to help the team develop its best practices.

• Possibly assist in the iterative migration of the ember.js app to react.js


       • Extensive Experience with Ember.js.

       • Experience in full stack web application development with Express and React.

       • Proficiency with Mongo no-SQL databases.

       • Experience in developing automated tests with good coverage.

       • Basic skill with Linux or other Unix like operating systems.

       • Excellent oral and written communication skills for online interactions.

       • Ability to work effectively individually and with a team.


       • Experience doing code reviews and pull requests with Git and Github.

       • Experience with iterative development practices.

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