Ember.js for WordPress Plugins

What are the limitations to using Ember.js with WordPress?

Are there any problems with developing plugins with Ember.js for an existing platform?

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None that I’m aware of. If you write encapsulated JavaScript which doesn’t interfere with the existing code base you should be good to go.

Depending on the platform you will have to adapt to its existing API but that shouldn’t be a problem at all.

What kind of plugin are you building?

Why would you want to have emberjs for WordPress. First of all WordPress is a polluted CMS.

WordPress maybe almost a decade old, but the distribution potential is hard to beat. I prefer to write backend code in Ruby/Rails, but I’m exploring the potential of developing with Ember.js on the client and utilizing the WordPress Plugin API on the server.

In the future, I hope there’s a better option for distributing plugins for widely used CMS platforms. At the moment WordPress is the best option in my opinion.

One of the key reasons WordPress has been so successful is because it’s easy to install with almost any web hosting provider. I feel like this will soon change as server-side JavaScript grows in popularity.

I think what this question has sort of turned into, is trying to figure out a strategy for integrating modules/plugins written in Ember into a larger existing web application which is not Ember based.

One of the problems you might run into is if there already is an exsiting Ember app on the page, because the templates would collide.

There’s an open PR that solves this though :slight_smile:

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Hey Benjamin,

I’m also very interested in using WordPress as a backend to Ember.js apps. I’m currently working with several startups and I’m building their prototypes using Ember.js

Sometime in near future, I might want to create a plugin that would allow me to use WordPress as a backend. I’m not sure exactly how its going to look, but I want to make it as simple as possible so it didn’t require for a WordPress developer to learn anything new ( Ember.js has enough to learn without introducing more complexity )

Have you explored this any further?


+1 I’m willing to know more about using ember with WordPress too. Wordpress haters, why do you open these discussions if not just to criticize it?

I’ve heard that the WordPress plugin JSON API helps WordPress work well with ember.js. I’m not sure I’d want to connect WordPress to ember manually (and make my own API).

Interested in hearing from people that have tried this or otherwise combined the two technologies.

Yup, that plugin is good. It’s pretty simple to set it up as a backend for an Ember project, or just install ember cli, do a little wiring, and develop on top of Wordpress. I do it all the time when freelancing for design & marketing agencies who use it as a publishing platform.

I have started an Ember, Ember-Data, WP-API project at GitHub - calouette/ember-wp-api: Ember Cli project connecting Ember-Data to WordPress' WP-API and utilizing Wordpress to serve search engines

I am thinking of using WordPress to serve static html pages to search engines using Apache’s mod_rewrite to make a blog crawlable.