Ember may drop support for IE8 and IE9 in 2.0

IE9 is the last browser supported on Windows Vista SP2 which has “Extended Support” through 4/11/2017.


So once IE 8 is dropped, does it help with the get / set syntax? I remember reading some comments that Ember.get / Ember.set were required because of older IE.

@xBlack You can find more information about get and friends here in the RFC

Today, I just testing the IE8 compatible in Ember, 1.12.1 is the latest version IE8 can work, so instead of 2.0, in fact starting from 1.13.0.beta.1 (also most recent 1.13.3), IE8 can not running already.

I’m not complain, just clarify here…

@ecguo - Please report issues you hit with IE8 and Ember 1.13. We have one that I am aware of (an error is thrown by using {{input}} in IE8), and I hope to get it fixed soonish (I believe that @stefan is working on it in HTMLBars).

We do not intend to support IE8 with Ember 2.0 (there was a fairly detailed writeup here), but having 1.13 work for IE8 is definitely important (for folks that have to deal with IE8 compat while preparing for Ember 2.0).

@rwjblue Thanks your encourage, I check again the problem, seems Ember.JS 1.13 have not problem, but it’s components HTMLbars using setAttribute, which break the IE8.

I following SO methods, but seems no use.

Anyone interested in such IE8 in Ember.js 1.13.4 can use my Ember-CRM-js as starting point.(Or Ember-CLI version)

Just in case I’m missing it, is there an Ember addon that adds IE8 support to Ember 2.0?

No, the internals that were required for IE8 support have been removed completely. It might be possible to use various ES5 shims/shams and get it working, but that it is not a thing that we are going to be supporting.

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