Ember release builds "Modified" field?


Visit http://emberjs.com, click on “Builds”, click on the “Release” channel, and I see Ember 1.10.0 was released… three days ago? Wat? Didn’t it come out about six weeks ago? Has it changed? Did it update?

Okay, so the page says, “The builds listed below are incremental improvements made since 1.10.0 and may become 1.10.1.”, would it be possible to see what they are? Are these bug fixes? Typo changes? Refactorings? I’d hope if they were really important, that it would be documented somewhere… Thanks!


These are channels, not tagged builds (see the tagged link in the sidebar for those). The channels will generally be kept more up to date as bug fixes are made that target those channels.

For example, when a bug is found that needs to be fixed in the next beta we fix it in the canary channel first, then cherry-pick the fix into the beta channel. At that point the latest beta build will have a fix that is not released in a tagged build yet.


Thanks for the reply – that’s interesting.

I presume the next step is to cherry-pick fixes from Beta into Release?


Every 6 weeks we merge beta into release, and tag a new version.