Ember Template Imports series discussion

I posted the first couple items separately on this forum, missed those in between and have now wrapped up the series with Part 6: Given the tradeoffs in the space, what is the best set of compromises we can make?

So: let’s treat this as a host for further discussion/comments/etc. while I’m working on the RFC (which I expect to have open probably the week after US Thanksgiving)!

As an alternative, you can download the whole series for reading offline:


Thank you very much for writing all of this @chriskrycho! I really appreciate the time and effort you clearly put in making sure you gave a thorough, detailed exploration of each option and considered pretty much everything. This has been really helpful for my thinking and even more importantly helpful for sharing with others who are less familiar with the proposals/template-import work in general.

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It was my pleasure, and hopefully it’ll be useful as I follow these up with an RFC advocating that we stabilize <template> (going to be starting on writing that this coming week!).

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