Folder Tree Widget/Component Recommendation

I am working on a new document management application using Ember and have not been able to find a good solution to provide a folder tree component that works with Ember 2.0 and Ember Data.

It will need to support larger folder trees - eg 1000’s of folders nested under say 20 top level folders with any single folder being up to 10 levels deep. Support for Async loading on expanding a folder would be required so there is min initial load time.

Data Source for the folder structure will be via a REST call and use JSON API

I’ve found and tried with out success the following components

  1. Getting {{ view }} issues, so it’s not been upgraded for 2.x and looking at the project history, it’s not being maintained.




Any suggestions or recommendations would be appreciated.

Ember Twiddle uses ember-cli-jstree, but we don’t have the requirements you have. It does, however, support async loading.