GWT to ember.js migration

The current project I am working has been developed with GWT. We are planning to transition to JS based frameworks. As part of it we are evaluating ember.js. Being new to ember.js one of the challenges we are facing is to make both ember and GWT work together - we cannot convert complete GWT application to ember.js and so we need phased migration to ember.js. Any thoughts on how we can make both technologies work together ? Ideally I am looking forward to build new features of the application in ember.js keep the existing features in GWT, any suggestions on how to go about it.

GWT is just a compiler. Ember is a framework. There is no conflict between them.

If you’re just looking to add Ember to the tech stack, you should be wrapping Ember in a GWT JSNI and go from there.

I needed to do this too and the hint to use JSNI got me to a place where we can start migration of our GWT/GXT app. I’ve started documenting what I’ve done to date in case it helps anyone else:

@gokul: did you do something similar?