Hiring in Cambridge and London areas (UK) for 8-12 weeks


Plotist is a web application for writers to help in the process of creating a story. We offer tools for planning and writing stories, and a community where writers can go to for support, collaboration and advice.

The current effort is in developing tools for planning, which include smart note-taking and a set of visualizations (timelines, graphs…) to aid in the process of fleshing out characters, researching locations and polishing a plot. You can see an example of what we are doing here:

Game of Thrones, Robert’s Rebellion

We are an early stage startup, passionate about stories (books, movies, videogames…), and we would love to find someone also with a passion for stories to help us create the next version of Plotist.

We are looking for a web developer in the London and Cambridge areas, for the months of July, August and possibly September. Work will be mostly remote, but some contact hours will be required.

Our dream webdev would have the following skills, in order of importance:

  1. Experience working with Javascript frameworks, especially Ember and Backbone.Marionette
  2. Strong skills in HTML and CSS
  3. Knowledge of Node.js and MongoDB
  4. Extra points: UX/UI Design skills

If you love stories and would love to be part of an amazing startup, send us an email to hiring@plotist.com with your background and experience, telling us briefly why you would like to join us.

No agencies or recruiters, thank you.