How to use legacy ember-table.js, ember-widget.js & ember-chart.js with ember-cli?

I am having problem using above three libraries in a project created using ember-cli.

For example, I have ember-table.js in vendor/legacy/ember-table/. In my Brocfile.js app.import('vendor/legacy/ember-table/ember-table.js');.

But using {{table-component}} in template I get following Uncaught TypeError: createChildViews first argument must exist .

Then I added ember-table.js in templates/components/ with other files. But it’s still failing with same error.

I had similar problem using ember-wdigets.js. Using {{accordion-group-layout}} in template failed with Assertion Failed: You specified the layoutName accordion_group_layout for <Ember.Widgets.AccordionItem:ember559>, but it did not exist.But it was luckily resolved using above mentioned method.

Is ember-cli not able to find templates included in vendor/legacy/ember-table/ember-table.js ? What is the best practice to use those libraries ?

I solved it by installing ember-table

bower install --save ember-table.

It installed all of its dependencies on its own.

Latest bower version as of this writing is 0.2.1, which does not include @gunn’s fix for this, . When I stopped depending on what I had from bower and instead grabbed the code from the dist directory, this got me going again - I can now do something like this:

tableCellViewClass: 'my-custom-view'

which refers to file `views/my-custom-view.js’.

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