I'm Trying to organize Ember Camp Europe

From http://signup.embercampeurope.com/ :smile:

Ember Camp Europe! Ember Training and mini-conference

I want to see Ember Camp Europe happen. I se Ember Camp Europe as being split into two parts, accross three days. The first two days will be a hands on 2-day introdcutory course on Ember.js, while the third day will be organized as a mini-conference with talks and tutorials from people having worked with Ember.js can come and share their knowledge and spread the word on Ember.js’ awesomeness!

The location for the event will be based on your interest and your residing country!

Pricing for the event will be split into three parts:

  • Seperate pricing for the training

  • Seperate pricing for the mini-conference

  • Package price for both events


This is a great idea. Can I suggest picking a location that is not one of the really big cities but is also served by an airport (especially one that Easyjet flies to). e.g.Brighton/Cambridge/Edinburgh rather than London. Nantes or Biarritz in France rather than Paris. Somewhere that will be easy to get to but a bit cheaper (and more fun) than the Capital.

Or Barcelona. Everyone loves Barcelona :wink:

Agree to go out of big cities.

By a matter of personal taste I would prefer Belgium or northern Europe to Barcelona. Anyway, I guess the organisers/trainers would decide upon their own constraints and preferences.

I’ve set up a temporary website for the event with a bit more information. http://embercampeurope.com/

OK I am all in for this but I am not sure I agree at all on the premise of no big cities.

If you do something in London or Berlin (in many ways the two European tech hubs these days) then you have the opportunity to attract a lot of local people who may not be interested (or able) to make a 4 day excursion abroad.

Also, depending on the number of people you expect to attend there are a great number of companies in both those cities that have space available for use for little or no cost.

in many ways the two European tech hubs these days

One more reason I love the idea of choosing small cities is to to no enter into this kind of subjective consideration.

you have the opportunity to attract a lot of local people who may not be interested (or able) to make a 4 day excursion abroad.

I am sure those big “tech” cities have enough members in local communities to already organise their own local events. Just select one of the “free” places, fire a meetup and you are done!

A 3 days event is a different animal, for more engaged people who are not here to discover the technology. I expect to meet people who already know and use ember, and are willing to become even better with it.

Well they are the two biggest cites in the EU so I dont think it is that subjective but there are many great tech cities in the EU.

However, the reason I think a metro area is better is because I dont think the type of 3 day event you are describing…

… is the same 3 day event @joachimhs is describing…

I personally would far prefer something that dives much deeper which seems to be more what you are describing but if one of the keys is to teach intro to newbies (which I am) and spread the word in the existing tech community than I think a larger metropolitan area is a better fit.

Either way I will be there. Wherever that is.

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Agree with you. I would prefer to have the current proposition for day one and two covered in only one day, then have a day two for advanced topics, and day three on a more Open Space/BarCamp style.


That is a good suggestion, I will take that into consideration!

If anyone knows of any companies that would see the value in sponsoring Ember Camp Europe, please put me in contact with then! http://embercampeurope.com/pages/sponsors

I understand that — it’s a fair point.

I suspect my liking for a small city near a good airport has something to do with working in a small company where purse-holders may be more convinced by price and the lack of a holiday-like destination when approving a conference.

On the other hand, a couple of days in London for a South-of-England based company such as ours would be a lot easier to argue so I could easily be swayed. If the big city turned out to be London… So I guess I’m making your argument for you.