I really think we could change the tag of emberjs to match the version 2 in the net


@tomdale and @wycats, I mean, because the framework is comming with a CLI convention tool an a new release version 2.x , for example when i try to help someone in STACKOVERFLOW ,i usually read a lot of question from the older 1.x version with the APP KIT using the tag “ember.js”.

I propose to change the actual tagname in all referrence about communities of emberjs to something like : #emberV2, #ember-cliV2, emberjsV2 , it would help us as community when we search and try to help others for internet DOCs and posibles solutions


IOS has a big version release every yearish. There are issues that span many versions and some that are specific to a single version.

The current solution is to tag things generally with ios, and then a specific version where relevant ios8, ios9. For example this guy is tagged both ios8 and ios

It’s kind of redundant for the taggers, but this system allows for people searching/following ios to see the tag as well while allowing a finer grained classification for people who know/suspect the issue is related to ios8.

However, with embers semantic versioning, this is trickier, new features are generally being added in minor releases, while the “2” major release just removes features. So it might be useful to have finer grained tags ember-2.1, etc.

For what it’s worth, a few people have already started using versioning tags:

But there doesn’t seem to be any broad adoption yet.


I think the reason the adoption is not taking place now , is because in the community page don’t mention any convention about of use of tags.


We actually tried this once before and the response from the StackOverflow moderators was swift and harsh. For whatever reason, they do not want us to do this and will revert any attempts to change it.


Can you point me to a public discussion about this @tomdale?


I think the https://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/ember-1.3.8 tag is to specific. I think we should keep the ember.js tag and learn newcomers the Stackoverflow’s tab=newest. When you are on Ember 2.2.7 you will see new Ember 2.0.0 or even new 1.3.8 questions but I don’t think that is a bad thing. See:


What I think that would be great is that if people get used to paste the debug info generate in their consoles:

DEBUG: ------------------------------- 
DEBUG: Ember  : 1.13.3
DEBUG: jQuery : 1.10.2 
DEBUG: -------------------------------

Imagine if all the question in SO start like this :smile:


@michaelkirk I don’t remember offhand where it was but maybe @trek does.



At this point I would be more worried about the ancient 2011-2012 Ember questions on SO which can’t possibly be relevant to today’s Ember, can they?