Is <noscript> required if I am using Ember Metal Views?


Since metal views removes the ember script tags(metamorph tags), the content should be crawlable by search engines. Is that a correct assumption ? Do I still need to use server rendered HTML in tags ?


Although the metamorph tags are gone, all of the content is still rendered in-browser through Javascript and as such will be more difficult (or impossible at this time) for search engines to crawl.

For SEO purposes it is still necessary to render some form of your content as plain HTML so that pages are crawlable.

The Ember.js core devs are currently working on the FastBoot project that is aimed specifically at solving this issue. You can read more about that here:


edit: sorry didn’t notice this was already linked to in the post above.

Ember apps will not be crawl-able until the FastBoot feature is implemented.